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For higher-volume needs, CD/DVD replication is the most efficient process. Replication is the process whereby a glass master or stamper is prepared. The stamper is then mounted on a moulding machine and then through injection moulding process CDs/DVDs are manufactured. Hot polycarbonate is forced under high pressure into a circular mould containing the stamper and then cooled so the polycarbonate takes on the mirror image of the mould. A thin metal reflective layer is added to one side of the disc. This reflective layer allows the laser to read the digital data that is created by the pits. Finally, a lacquer coating is added to protect the disc. The CDs/DVDs are then moved to a printing machine where, using the artwork, offset printing is done on the surface of CD /DVD. From there the discs are moved to the packing area and depending on the packaging requirements are packed. This process is widely used for quantities above 1000 CDs/DVDs. The Glass Master remains the property of the plant after the process.

Duplication is the process whereby blank CDs are copied for low quantity manufacture. For quantities smaller than 1000 CDs/DVDs. This service provides a cost effective yet high quality alternative for small runs and fast turnaround which is ideal for the first release or for the promos, Conferences, Software releases, Product Catalogues, Reports, Technical Updates, Training manuals, eBooks, Direct Sales, Company Marketing and much more. 


For mailing and handouts, the lightweight and convenience of a business card or mini CD or a pen drive can be a big benefit. The entire sales presentation, introduction movie, catalogue, brochures, documents and website will be stored to a Business Card CD/mini CD or a pen drive.

You could pick from the package designs viz. Jewel Boxes, Plastic pouches, DVD Cases. We specialize in environmentally responsible offset printed paperboard packaging (digi-packs) for optical discs. Our knowledge of design and production of custom packaging options are limitless. We evaluate your project, and recommend the best solution to meet your needs and manage the project to insure your delivery requirement.

The requirement for multimedia presentations is growing, whether for a training day or for remote distribution of information. We take basic images, presentations, videos, word files, power point presentations and convert them into an interactive presentations that has impact and expresses the content in a clearer more easily understood way.

Keeping in mind Accord Infomedia as a single source for the fulfillment of client digital media needs, we provide designing and print solutions. Our print on demand capabilities enables us to fulfill the client’s needs for Leaflets, Brochures, journals and other collaterals.


After having completed the production side or your project, allow us to go a step further by simplifying your logistics by providing you with a way to distribute your order. We can ship to one address or up to as many as your mailing list provides. If needed, we would be more than happy to supply you with effective specific industry or market mailing lists.

Piracy is a major concern for many companies in the optical media industry. Accord Infomedia provides copy protection for CD/DVD for all formats.



Our latest addition in the services we offer is the Web based designing. Since e-learning is catching up fast we have prepared ourselves to meet this requirement for our clients.


Presentation of a book in digital format is done through flipping book. Digital Brochures are the medium through which you could communicate, we can add website, social media channels etc. They are designed and optimized for the web.


Audiobooks are recordings that you can listen to as opposed to having to read text. It has been recently widely used in educational platform.



Most of the hospitals or private clinics are providing medical data or information associated with the patients in a CD/DVD. Due to the nature of the service the data are copied in a blank optical media and are handed over to the patients. Now a days for educational purpose Medical surgical procedure videos are used to provide comprehensive information in medicine and surgery. Accord Infomedia provides services for disc printing for the Health care industry.

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